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natural treatment for stomach support
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Stomach Support Drops

For supporting and strengthening stomach function. May be beneficial for temporary relief for those with nausea or reflux.‡

‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Available to patients only.
2 fluid ounces

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Dosage: Take 3-20 drops 1-2 times a day for maintenance. For acute use, take 1-2 drops every 15 minutes.
INGREDIENTS:Energetic Essences of Artemisia abs, Columbo, Condurango mars, Laurus, Menyanthes tri, Rhamnus fran, Juniper, Lappa maj, Robinia, psuedo, Allium cepa, Asa, Tanacetum, Asperula odor, Equisetum, Marrubium, Ocimum, Mentha pip, Cynaa, Hamamelis all at 4x; Lycopodium, Peumus, Sepia, Cina, Dryopteris all at 6x; Aloe 10x; Antimonium crud, Argentum met, Aluminium met, Stannum met, Camphora all at 12x.
INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Alcohol and water. 

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