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Northeast Natural Medicine

Naturopathic Care in CT and Beyond

Become a Patient

Are you ready to begin a journey? Most people that come to naturopathic physicians are interested in being treated for the real causes of their health problems, instead of the usual suppressing of symptoms. By choosing Northeast Natural Medicine, LLC, you are embarking on a quest to empower yourself, with the knowledge and therapies that help restore your health and make you feel better.

The Journey

The journey for health is often not one of instant gratification. Though some therapies work quickly, other times we are trying to correct an imbalance which developed gradually over years. Your uniqueness will also influence which treatments are used. Here we consider your personal history, chemistry, genetics, energetics and more. Rest assured that any supplements prescribed are from reputable manufacturers.

The Process

This quest may demand things from you. Effort. Time. Consistency. You may have to consider what aspects of your lifestyle are not in accord with your goal and face a crossroads. Help is here. Stick to the plan. Remember, there are some things the doctor cannot do for you. You may even find that your perception of what health is changes over time.

The Reward

As your body changes, so do your needs. Recommendations are often reassessed every month at the outset to further customize your treatment, and then less so as your concerns shift to more of a long term maintenance. Our bodies are dynamic, too little or too much of some nutrients may cause problems. Communication is the key. We are here to support you. Are you ready for your journey?

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