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Northeast Natural Medicine

Naturopathic Care in CT and Beyond

Features of Our Clinic


Northeast Natural Medicine is currently a contracted provider for Aetna, Cigna, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.  Other plans often have out-of-network benefits, for which we may bill your insurance company directly.

In the State of Connecticut, naturopathic doctors are recognized as specialists and are licensed physicians. Though we are in-network with some insurance companies, it is important for you to understand your policy, as some plans exclude naturopathic services.

Medicare does not credential or cover naturopathic physicians.

It is advisable to call your insurance company and know your benefits.


Telehealth or telephone consultations available.


We offer patients access to some of the most innovative and least invasive diagnostic laboratory testing in healthcare today. Women can assess hormonal health with saliva, vegetarians can assess adequate dietary protein with a fingerstick, and children with ADHD can have their neurotransmitters evaluated with a urine sample. When testing for elusive infectious organisms like Lyme disease, we generally send samples to the single laboratory with the repeated highest rating for sensitivity and specificity of tick-borne illnesses in the country. So if your needs require testing for heavy metals, mitochondrial health or conventional bloodwork at contracted discount rates, we may be of service, with a number of panels being reimbursed by health insurance companies.

More Features
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