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Patients are often able to refill product recommendations made by Northeast Natural Medicine, LLC online.  DO NOT SUBSTITUTE another formula as a refill for those prescribed.  Other brands will most likely not contain the same ratio, type or potency of other ingredients that we require for results.  The use of other formulas may decrease and delay the results you are seeking.  In addition you run the risk of over or under-dosing or taking combinations of substances that may be harmful to your health.

Functional medicine doctor near me

(for Designs For Health,

Drs. Advantage,

Integrative Therapeutics,


Pure Encapsulations,


 and more)

Fullscript is the patient-ordering virtual dispensary and supplement vendor which carries products from many high quality manufacturers.  PATIENTS OF OUR CLINIC GET 10% OFF ON THEIR ORDERS!

 'Lauricidin' is the brand name of a plant-based medium chain fat derived from lauric acid.  It is manufactured by Med-Chem Labs, Inc. and is taken orally, while Epi-Shield is a skin balm that contains Lauricidin.


Northeast Natural Medicine, LLC is proud to offer a variety of individualized supplements to meet the diverse needs for our wide array of patients.  From custom-blended botanical tinctures to glandular thyroid products or specially hand succussed homeopathic remedies, we have many readily available ways to help fill the needs of a patient's personalized treatment plan.

Natural treatment for depression
Provider Code:  SCarney2962

Professional Nutritionals has been manufacturing nutritional supplements since 1999 and has strict quality control practices, only using ingredients and products that have passed quality assurance testing.  Their products are formulated by naturopathic physicians and often include state-of-the-art ingredients. 

Natural treatment for diabetes
(for Xymogen and more)

Wholescripts is the exclusive distribution center for Xymogen products.  Xymogen is a family-owned health sciences nutritional supplement company which has been manufacturing top quality products for over twenty years.  They offer a wide variety of well developed formulas free of many allergens or contaminants.

LIVSTEADY is UCAN’s proprietary low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate that is changing the way athletes train. Made by applying a patented cooking method to a specific strain of non-GMO corn, LIVSTEADY delivers consistent energy and provides athletes with long-lasting vigor without the spikes and crashes associated with sugar and other common carbs.  PATIENTS OF OUR CLINIC GET 10% OFF THEIR ORDERS!

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