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Northeast Natural Medicine

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FirstLine Therapy

FirstLine Therapy is a medically supervised, lifestyle and dietary modification program that is not a diet but a medical treatment, and may therefore be covered by your health insurance. The eating and exercise plan is designed to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others, and can be used as a weight loss program. It involves 12 weeks of personalized lifestyle changes designed as a “first line of defense” in treating and preventing chronic conditions, as recommended by American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization.


Some of the goals of the FirstLine Therapy program are to help lose weight, increase muscle, lower blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol. The goal is to promote a healthier body composition. At Northeast Natural Medicine, LLC we have further customized the program to enhance patient outcomes by adding options for needle-less acupuncture and thermogenesis strategies.

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