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Naso-sympatico Sinus Relief

Sinus congestion can result from many things including, but not limited to, seasonal allergies, molds, animal dander, dust, infections.  Sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinuses, can be acute or longterm and chronic. 



The paranasal sinuses are a collection of air-filled cavities in the skull.  Healthy sinuses are lined with pink tissue and a small layer of mucus.  These sinuses drain into our nose through small holes and are susceptible to infection spreading from the nasal cavities, or blockages as tissue swells in an immune response to various triggers and discharges are no longer able to drain properly. 

Disorders of the sinuses can be difficult to treat and result in pain or pressure in the face, ear or head.

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Naso-sympatico is a longstanding treatment for sinus congestion and sinus headaches.  It involves the painless placement of long cotton-tipped applicators into the nose and rested upon various nasal concha.  The applicators are saturated with essential oils blended in a carrier oil.  The oils selected  are chosen for their time-honored antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as their function as secretolytics, meaning that they help break up and drain mucus. 

The applicators are left in place for an upwards of twenty minutes and typically result in drainage of the obstructed passages.  Acute sinusitis may benefit from a single naso-sympatico treatment, while chronic seasonal conditions may warrant weekly sessions for a period of time.

(Though the applicators used during the treatment will have the appearance of cat whiskers, cat ears are not provided)  

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