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Do you need natural sinus relief? Try a traditional Naso-sympatico treatment!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Who can keep track of all the things that cause sinus congestion? It can range from seasonal allergies, to a common cold, or chronic sinusitis. Let's explore a classic natural sinus treatment.

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The Science of Sinuses and Naso-sympatico

The paranasal sinuses are a collection of air-filled cavities in the skull. Healthy sinuses are lined with pink tissue and a small layer of mucus. These sinuses drain into our nose through small holes. Sinusitis (or inflammation of the sinuses) can be uncomfortable and difficult to treat. The pockets become filled with thick mucus, bacteria or fungus. The tissue swells and the drainage openings into the nose become inflamed and blocked, no longer allowing fluid to escape. This then leads to the common symptoms of sinusitis.

The naso-sympatico is a longtime naturopathic treatment for sinus congestion and sinus headaches. “Naso” meaning 'nose'; “sympatico” meaning 'agreeable, easy to get along with'. The treatment consists of painless, long skinny q-tips being used to apply aromatic essential oils up the nasal cavity and towards the sinuses for 15-20 minutes, accompanied by deep breathing. These essential oils are well documented antibacterials, antifungals, antivirals and secretolyics, meaning they help break up and move out the stuck mucus for relief of pressure, ear pain, congestion, headaches and postnasal drip. ⁠You're probably wondering how it feels, so let's describe it from the patient's perspective. Although it isn't painful, it tickles a lot, and you may sneeze several times.

Benefits of Naso-Sympatico

· Relieves congestion

· Supports your immune system

· Reduces symptoms of seasonal allergies

· Clears respiratory passages

· Reduces inflammation of nasal passages

· Opens blocked ears

Indicated for

· Seasonal allergies

· Colds

· Nose and sinus congestion, chronic or acute

· Facial, ear, or head pressure due to congestion

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Essential Oil Profiles

Thyme- Alleviates coughing and sore throats, kills germs, mood-elevating, eases stress and anxiety

Eucalyptus- Reduces inflammation, relieves lung spasms, decongests, antibacterial, boosts immune health, antimicrobial, and reduces anxiety

Peppermint- Relieves headaches, antimicrobial, improves mental focus, clears respiratory tract, boosts energy, reduces muscle tension, and helps combat nausea

Lavender- Calms and soothes, clears headaches, improves cognition, aids sleep, reduces anxiety, supports brain health, and helps relieve respiratory symptoms

Almond oil- used as a carrier oil

For pricing, please contact our clinic at #800-723-2962.

One session is best for acute situations, where blockages and congestion might result, for example, from infections. At such times, one treatment is often enough. By contrast, a package of six treatments is best for chronic cases, where treatments may be on a weekly basis through the duration of an environmental allergy season.

The content and any recommendations in this article are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to replace the advice of the reader's own licensed healthcare professional or physician and are not intended to be taken as direct diagnostic or treatment directives. Any treatments described in this article may have known and unknown side effects and/or health hazards. Each reader is solely responsible for his or her own healthcare choices and decisions. The author advises the reader to discuss these ideas with a licensed naturopathic physician.


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